Physical Healing Chronic and Acute

Why do symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and limited movement often

remain long after our injuries have supposedly healed?


At first our system protects us by prohibiting movement through the injured

areas, with swelling and contraction. However we still want to function, even

if some parts cannot at the moment participate. So as we try to sit, stand, or walk, our brain recruits other available muscles and joints to help. They take over this new workload while continuing with their own jobs, a strain for which they are not equipped.


Unfortunately these compensations become habit, and remain out of awareness, at a continual high cost. HOWEVER we can learn to observe, sense, and rediscover those forgotten habitual ways we use our body. This new awareness extinguishes the old patterns. Our nervous system receives the updated information we need for lasting change. All parts of us are

given a chance to once again participate in a more balanced workload. This results in a profound level of healing.