Learn the Language. Know the Theories. Experience the outcome


Learn how neuroscience is validating the practical process CFR has used for years to achieve optimal biomechanics to save your tissues and joints (Physical Therapists love this new part!) and why so many folks leave our seminars with symptom relief and a feeling of resilience, well-being and hope.


It takes just three days (We’ve done this many times.) for this experiential in-person process. (The virtual experience comes later after we’ve established trust and personal connection.)  


You really can change your brain for the better . . . and everything it controls, which is . . . everything.


  • Get relief from chronic pain. (It's worked for hundreds of people.)

  • Accelerate healing from surgery or injury. (Impress your MD!)

  • Reverse your sense of aging. (It's body use, not age, that's responsible for your physical and emotional discomfort.)  

  • Improve alertness and brain fitness. (Have more creativity, youthfulness and connectivity - bosses, partners and children.)

  • Gain greater resilience. (More ease and joy in daily life.) 

  • Pull out your disregarded bucket list. (And add a few things!)


24 PT CEUs for California State Licensure. 

All the coursework needed for two years.

For professional info, click below!


(Applied Neuroplasticity Level I is a prerequisite.)


“Healing ” is more than “curing.” It is “making whole”.  After you have taken the first step in the process with a 3-Day event, you are ready to explore more deeply into the “gold mines” you have discovered. CFR seminars offer an experience of remarkable improvements in how you move, think and feel. This work reboots your brain’s ability to opt for ease, choice and connection rather than efforting in mediocrity or a closed loop of frustration and failure. 


Our perception of deserving and capacity influence how and where we walk as well as how far and for what we reach. Use of our body is dependent upon our self-image. You’ll learn how to use the body’s innate intelligence to begin rewiring aspects of your own and your patients/clients. (This course is for professionals and public.)


You will leave with daily tools to maintain your new found ease and fluidity and assist your patients/clients in a deeper way when you return to your daily life and practice.



  • Most recent, easily applicable, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and psychosocial action steps for pain intercession.


  • Analysis of how dynamic postural dysfunction contributes to joint pain with techniques to alter these neurologically entrenched positions.


  • Skill in rewiring aspects of your own and your patient’s “Self Image” -- including habits, beliefs, and actions that cause pain, stress and limitations.


  • Alter physically and emotionally draining habits formed via ANS- Limbic-Pre-Frontal Cortex pathway.


  • Track and influence pathway flows of current-time information through neural networks.


  • Increased awareness in how YOU are organizing YOUR movement so you have options to change. You cannot take your patient where you have not gone!


  • Identify the #1 thing standing in the way of your true goals and desires and be clear on the next best move.



24 CA PT CEUs pending. Open to the Public.


Next Live Event Coming Soon!

24 CA PT CEUs. Open to the Public.


Next Live Event Coming Soon!