My hands have been numb cold and painful for 20 years.  Sometimes like hot lava, sometimes like broken glass.  At the end of the CFR Neuroplasticity week I had no symptoms in my hands and they were warm.  PT for 8 months, five different times over the past 12 years, made some small gains, but they did't last.  This is miraculous.
I went to the CPTA convention in Oakland. The drive from Esalen to Oakland took 3 hours due to an accident. I arrived happy and shocked with no pain or numbness in my hands. For as long as I can remember, any trip over an hour would result in pain in my hands and fingers.
The next morning I rode (as a passenger) home for 10 hours. Again, I arrived actually feeling comfortable, without hand or finger pain. Sunday night I happened to sleep on my left side which is very unusual. I avoid this position because it usually causes pain after 15 minutes. This time I fell asleep without feeling pain. I awoke with my left hand numb, but once I moved it and turned to the other side it was gone within a couple of minuets. Today I awoke and don't remember having to pick the side to sleep on and wrap the sheets to keep me from turning to the "wrong side”. Again I'm still completely pain free—fingers and hands.
I am getting back into the swing of things, and it has not been as hard as I thought. When I am feeling better, I am more productive and work is less of a chore.
My brain is hungry to continue to learn more.
Today was a major test day. Drove to Long Beach, performed follow up evaluations with 4 customers, then drove to LA to my office, lunch with my Onsite Manager, then up to Glendale for 4 more ergonomic evaluations. After driving over 150 miles in one day, 3 hours of driving with stop and go traffic in rush hour, usually I would be in pain, hands numb, and aching.  I am home now with no numbness and no pain.
I've been on the road again. These two months have been packed with conventions, travel, contract audits and renewals. Lots of stress. I just returned from the first convention in Vegas, again hands in good shape even though the rest of me is quite exhausted.
6/14   This is two months later. I feel like my bones can hold me up. I went to my summer house in Oregon equipped with the usual heating pad, ice pack, and pain relievers. I was prepared to be very sore for days, as I always am when I garden and weed my property. I never used any of them. I had no pain or stiffness, and I felt great. 
11/14   I must admit I’ve had a nagging sense that, at some point, I would revert back to my pre-CFR symptom level. Years of back pain left me questioning if my CFR work would hold. A couple of weeks ago I played two days of 18 hole golf consecutively. Other then being tired from all the activity there was no usual trauma from over use.