“This class turned out to be the most powerful experience in my life. It totally changed my body work and how I feel about myself. I realized my body was moving so differently and my work is so much more fun and enjoyable!” 
“I am going to take the new possibilities in my own body back to my clients.”
“The CFR work has really informed my approach to massage, and I recognize my need for self healing through this challenging and fascinating work.”

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Self-Care for Caregivers

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Grass Valley, CA

04.17 - 04.19.20
07.17 - 07.19.20

Westlake Village, CA

05.01 - 05.03.20

“It was an amazing week. Never to be forgotten. I’m reminded of a Grateful Dead song, The future is so bright I gotta wear shades.”
“Using the standing and walking integrations that I learned from CFR, after my sessions, upgraded the results in my deep tissue practice and my clients really liked them.”
“Before this work I felt resigned and resentful about my injuries and limitations. I saw a future of aging and shrinking. Now I see before me a life of continuing expansion and healing.”


Applied Neuroplasticity Level II


Northern California Spring 2019

“After 2 rods were placed down both sides of my back, there was no possible way for me to sit on the floor. After those 2 floor lessons I could sit down very comfortably with crossed ankles, my low back in extension and hands resting in my lap.”
“I feel that I am taking home a very full bag of seeds and that they are already starting to sprout.”
“I realized, when I hugged people good morning at the end of the week, it felt like their chests were squishy, mushy, compared to the start of the week, when they felt more like rigid tree trunks.”
“I discovered all the unknown connections inside me, and I discovered all the areas I suppress.”
“I have come to realize the ways in which since I was a young child I have not allowed myself to feel pain.”
“I am no longer willing to hurt myself to help my clients."
“Watching people every morning I can definitely see the big differences in how they can move by the end of the week.”
“I’ve turned my ugly crying into healing crying.”
“The constant pain I’ve had for 11 years in my hip is gone.”
H.Goslins, Founder Cortical Field ReEducation with M.krikorian, MPT