Thursday, June 23rd 7:00-8:00pm
Only 30 seats available
Register: 800-898-9588 Ext 2

Pain-Free Back Seminar

Melissa at UCLA teaching other PTs how to use Neuroscience to stop pain & symptoms.
You’ve tried (or are afraid to try) everything:
. . . injections, meds, PT, yoga/Pilates . . . maybe even surgery without lasting relief. You are not the only one. Most of the clients I work with have done that, too. Then they experience lasting relief working with me and their own genius nervous systems using Neuroplasticity. (I use the theories of Neuroplasticity to address pain and symptoms with a unique somatic (body sense) learning technique called Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR). Here’s a short video about my approach.
This seminar is for you if:
  • You trust your body can heal, you just need some direction.
  • Your open mindede and want to keep your body supple & strong — no matter what your age.
  • It makes sense that an orthopedic problem can be healed and restored with brain-driven biomechanics. (That’s really true!)
  • You understand a diagnosis is a label, but has nothing to do how quickly or completely you heal.
  • You are willing to invest resources, but you want to make sure it is the real deal.


* All 30 attendees for the Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Workshop will receive a
  Special Report: “Reverse Engineering Back Pain - How You Got Here & How You
  Get Out.”

* The first 10 People to register will receive a USB drive with “THE ONE MOVE 
  THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY” 10 min tutorial.
800-898-9588 Ext 2
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